Thursday, 19 November 2009

Sheffield Artist- Lee Bamforth

Lee Bamforth

Lee Bamforth is a freelance artist based in Sheffield and one the city's brightest talents. His works are exceptional, finely detailed pieces that are truly stunning. There's a sumptuous fluidity to his artistry and a definite dark side too. It seeps out of his images as if the blackness is dancing all around you, yet his women retain an illuminating radiance.
There's little wonder he's been awarded Graphic Designs Digital Artist of the Year 2009. He aims to make the world of art and design "an awful lot prettier" and you'll see below, he's keeping his word...

By returning to his origins in using watercolours, Lee has further developed his style. It certainly adds a whole more depth and life to his drawings, whilst retaining his unique and beautiful style...
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