Thursday, 19 November 2009

Sheffield Artist- Lee Bamforth

Lee Bamforth

Lee Bamforth is a freelance artist based in Sheffield and one the city's brightest talents. His works are exceptional, finely detailed pieces that are truly stunning. There's a sumptuous fluidity to his artistry and a definite dark side too. It seeps out of his images as if the blackness is dancing all around you, yet his women retain an illuminating radiance.
There's little wonder he's been awarded Graphic Designs Digital Artist of the Year 2009. He aims to make the world of art and design "an awful lot prettier" and you'll see below, he's keeping his word...

By returning to his origins in using watercolours, Lee has further developed his style. It certainly adds a whole more depth and life to his drawings, whilst retaining his unique and beautiful style...
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Friday, 13 November 2009

Sheffield Photography

"To me photography is an art of observation. It's about finding something interesting in an ordinary place... I've found it has little to do with things you see and everything to do with the way you see them"- Elliott Erwitt (Photographer)

Just a short post here displaying some beautiful photographs from Sheffield based photographer Tom Jackson...

Project 'Egypt'

Winter Playlist...


"Than these skies is no sky lovelier. The clouds are deep; into their grey the subtle spies of colour creep, changing their high austerity to delight, till ev'n the leaden interfolds are bright"- John Freeman- 'November Skies'

Here's few tracks to cosy up to infront of the fire place. Joel Harries is a young singer from Northampton, with a magical voice that dances over the top of alt-country plucking. He also plays in My First Tooth.
Samuel Kirk is one of the best live acts I've ever seen. Intelligent lyricism coupled with a delightful voice and a magical ukelele.
'Woody Brown River' is one of the Guillemots best songs yet, up there with 'Little Bear' & 'Redwings'. Truly beautiful music.
You may have heard Slow Moving Millie on the Televisual device, as it's her track 'Beast's that's been accompanying Virgin Media's recent ad campaign.
Canada's Ohbijou make melodic, layered indie-folk music, with 'We Lovers' being a slightly more downtempo track that just warms you deep inside.
'Beauty' by The Shivers is really the only word for it.
Whilst driving around France, the perfect soundtrack to the beautiful company and countryside was Lewis & Clarke. 'Petrified Forest' is not only a beautifully named track, but it's a phenomenal, natural creation from a truly exceptional band.
'Sector 5 Slums' is an instrumental from The Columbia is Lost's album St. Anthony's Fire. I cannot recommend this album enough! If you like this track, check out Joakim's 'Peter Pan Over the Bronx'
Spokes play with an intensity that is bewitching to watch, creating a sound "as natural to the band as breathing" (Drowned In Sound)
Weird Tapes are the best thing to happen to music this year. Fact.

1. Joel Harries- 'Howling'

2. Samuel Kirk- 'The Forest'

3. Guillemots- 'Woody Brown River'

4. Slow Moving Millie- 'Beasts'

5. Ohbijou- 'We Lovers'

6. The Shivers- 'Beauty'

7. Lewis & Clarke- 'Petrified Forest'

8. The Columbia Is Lost- 'Sector 5 Slums'

9. Spokes- 'We Like To Dance & Steal Things'

10. Weird Tapes- 'TV Romance'

November 30th November-
Bungalows & Bears

We've got a wonderful selections of bands, artists, photographers and Djs for our November showcase...

Peggy Sue

Offbeat, bluesy folk from Brighton three-piece Peggy Sue. Emitting a "sweetness with a punky undercurrent" (GUARDIAN), Peggy Sue have played with the likes of Joan As Policewoman, Kate Nash & Blood Red Shoes, and are currently touring the US with our September headliners Sky Larkin...

Tim & Sam's Tim & The Sam Band With Tim & Sam

Beautifully crafted, natural melodic folk. "The sound of dreams siphoned into your speakers" (BBC)
Tim & Sam's- 'Stepping Stones'-

The Mariner's Children

Sea-salt folk from a band already making waves. They've shared the stage with such wonderful acts as Coeur de Pirate, Peter & the Wolf, Leisure Society & Josh Weller, and join Peggy Sue at our November show...

Charlot Webster

An exceptionally talented young lady, Charlot has a stunning voice and has already toured with Peggy Sue...

+ Djs

Hat & Cakes

+ Artists

Pud, Greg Thomas, Ivan Rabodzeenko, Kerry Hindmarch, Faye Cresswell & Steve Brown

+ Photography Exhibition from...

Tom Jackson & Marc Alcock

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Wednesday 25th November-
Lee Rosy's Tea Room, Hockley,

In association with the University of Nottingham's High Society, Unquiet Desperation Presents an evening of art, music & poetry.

The High Soc team have been kind of enough to ask us to help put on an evening of music, art & poetry this late November eve. High Soc have been behind many fantastic artists coming to Nottingham, including EPIC45, SAMSON & DELILAH & THE WAVE MACHINES & have consistently been an influential voice in the promotion of Nottingham's finest nights and gigs...


Truly delightful music from the leafy suburbs of Northampton. Sarah “sings along” to her acoustic guitar “in different notes with different words”. A slightly simplistic self-summary of the songs of Line & A Dot. Considering the wealth of influences ranging from the writings of Seamus Heaney to Hunter S. Thompson. Whilst musically there’s touches of Elliot Smith and Jenny Lewis. Listen to the gorgeous, charming sounds of Line & A Dot here and become captivated by her sheer natural splendour…


Gorgeous, enticing and beautiful, the songs of Joel Harries are experimental country-pop of the highest caliber...
Joel Harries- 'Armed to The Teeth'


+ Artist


One of Sheffield's most talented artists, Mikk will be painting something special for us live!


The musical spawn of underground literary magazine Unquiet Desperation, UD Presents is our monthly showcase of music, art, literature and photography at Bungalows & Bears (Sheffield)

This blog is where you can find out more about what goes on, not only at the night, but also about all the phenomenal guests we've had in the past and what we've got planned for future...