Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Sounds of the Year # 1

Jj - Phaseone - Fever Ray - Lissvik - Florence + The Machine - The Xx - Renaissance Man - Spokes - Gold Panda - HEALTH - CFCF - Daisy O'Dell
These are a few of my favourite artists this year, and some standout tracks.
1. Jj- 'Baby'-

Simple, yet stunning, this beautiful track is very much in the vein of Imogen Heap, with delightful strings to accompany haunting vocals...

A little more upbeat than Baby, this is worth having just for when she sings the lyrics "from Africa to Malaga"- Definite goosebumps.
- 'From Africa To Malaga'
2. Fool's Gold- 'Surprise Hotel' (Phaseone Remix)

Not that the original isn't brilliant, but Phaseone strips it down and offers this wonderful, warped and at times slightly disturbing edit that's pure genius!

3. Banjo or Freakout- ' Mr.No' (Phaseone Remix)
The beat finally comes in around 3 and a half minutes in but it's worth the wait. Ambient bliss

4. Fever Ray- 'When I Grow Up' (Lissvik Edit)

A song with an MGMT-like youthful exuberance, that sounds a little like a Swedish Santigold. The Knife's Karin Andersson showcases her weird and wonderful voice, and Lissvik adds a nice touch to complete the track...

5. Florence & The Machine- 'You've Got The Love' (The Xx remix)- (Renaissance Man Edit)

Arguably the biggest thing to happen to music this year, it seems F+TM are on an unstoppable, meteoric rise. This remix of probably the best remix of the year adds a little more danceability to the track and makes a change from blogging the Xx remix...
6. Florence & The Machine- 'Cosmic Love'

An incredible demonstration of 'Lungs'...

7. Spokes- 'End Credits- Loveletter'

Utterly beautiful music from my favourite British band of 2009...
8- Gold Panda- 'Quitters Raga'

This track has an almost Indian quality to it. No idea why I think that but have a listen and hear for yourself...

9. HEALTH- 'Nice Girls' (Daisy O'Dell Remix)

HEALTH have been grabbing attention all over the country, but here I think Daisy works a little magic to make them even better...

10. HEALTH- 'Before Tigers' (CFCF Remix)

CFCF work their considerable magic on HEALTH...

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Memory Tapes


The different moniker's of former Hail Social frontman Dayve Hawk seem to merge blissfully when listening to Memory Tapes. The danceable, electro beats of Weird Tapes meet the truly beautiful, ethereal sounds of Memory Cassette to create a wonderful fusion of dreamy vocals, and quirky electronic beats. Having released the EP Seek Magic earlier this year, I thought I'd give you a chance to have a bit of a listen to my favourite artist of the past year. It's been a year since I first heard Memory Tapes and they've grown into one of the most sublime and unique artists around...